shared an interesting message on his account on social networks. These are people who keep it real with you or not. Find out below.

Many people have told NeNe to follow his own advice.

Someone said, “ Nene you, with all the other women in Bravo franchises, have sold your souls, you do the type of work that Michelle Obama Oprah Winfrey Maya Angelou Felicia Rashad and Debbie Allen and so many other black women that you destroyed. the example they have been building for over 50 years.

A follower wrote this in the comments: “ It’s for

One person said, “AMEN, they’re all cheating on you … you better watch your entourage of people … the ones you think are cool and you trust yourself and believe” THEY DON’T # leavethemlosersalone. ”

Another follower said: “ I saw the shadow too @neneleakes, she is not a friend has never been and never will be ”, and someone else posted this: “ `Please follow your own advice with a humble piece of pie, at this point you are fighting with yourself no one answers.
NeNe Leakes Shares A Wise Message For Her Fans – Read It Here
Someone else said, ‘@neneleakes Wendy Williams is not your friend, stop trying to be her friend, she has no loyalty to anyone but her bank account.’

A fan told NeNe that ‘You showed a lot of lessons yesterday, Mrs NeNe !!! Some people are not always up to the occasion !! You are fine with me, darling !! ”

Apart from that, NeNe recently showed love to Porsha Williams and surprised fans with it.

Porsha shared a few photos on her social media account where she is with her mother, Diane, and granddaughter, Pilar Jhena McKin